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So recently some people have been asking me what HattZ.com is. Well, it's a lot of things, but most of all it's a photo-log of great times. I love to take photos. This page started when I got a decent digital camera, since then it's continued to grow. It won't go away, and won't stop growing until I stop taking pictures, which I can't imagine happening.

So if you're on these pages, thanks for the good times, and a toast to many more! Hope you're doing well, and if we haven't talked in a while, send me an e-mail, all my contact info is at the bottom of the page.


Got a new web host (again) so I can post pics again. YAY! I also set it up differently, so if anyone wants a name"at"hattz.com email address that they can check though Gmail send me an E-mail and I'll set you up.


Cuban's in Vegas with some of the best company a man could want: Thanks Bear!

Note: most photos available in higher quality for various uses, contact the photographer
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Chesterman Brunch A family event.
Show at the Penny Show for Chris' b-day.
Cupcakes with Jess just being silly.
Davi Party Party for Emma's birthday
Ferch Party Party for friends of the family.
Scott's Wedding So yeah, it took me two months to get these up, Lots of sorting, over 2200 pics in one day. My arm was sore from holding my camera up all day long. Enjoy!
Scott's Wedding Rehearsal just a few fun pics before the big day.
7th annual Breathalyzer pub crawl Great times, awesome folks, my virgin smoozed with the hair to get a list of the upcoming bars, and we still got lost, oh well.
East Bay 700th These crazy folks actually run, had to skip part of trail so my DLF ars could get back to the start and free the beer from my van, good times.
Tilden Park Just a few pics hanging out in the botanical gardens.
MOFO HASH #? This was a goodbye hash for Booga Nights, lots of shiggy, fun trail, they ran outa beer... crime
Surf City Red Dress Run 08 Charity run benifiting Women Care of Santa Cruz great turn out, my 'best' pictures are also on flickr where you can get full res pics and make coments.
Yearly B-day Bash couch surfing to a new level.. some great pics, lots of great people, good times. Thanks as always to our host, and happy B-day to all the guys.
Hasher party, Crepe place wow, lots of pics, will prob post best to hash flickr feed, I was smashed, actually sorted through and junked about 50 pics. Great party.
Brandon's Party Few pics, Brandon and Eric done gradjumanated, so we all got together to celibrate, only took a few pics.
my tattoo Shots from the tat parlor.
monterey aquarium Few shots of our local aquarium, lots of their 'displays' are dark, and none allow flash, so there are quite a few dark pictures.
Cherry Bean Show Sorry I couldn't stay all the way through, great to see local music alive and kicking, thanks to the cherry bean and the bands.
The best of my wedding pics I added this because some of you probibly don't want to go though all my pictures of Kate and Daniel's wedding. This is my top 30 or so pictures.
Kate McBride and Daniel Brown Now, Mr. and Mrs. Brown. Congratulations, best wishes in your new adventure.
La Unica Cigar Event La Unica did a 're-release' party for their line of cigars. Of the 36 places in the US Morgan Hill Tobaco was one of them. Grat times were had by all.
SCH3 Red Dress Run "Running" for Beer and charity, running against Cancer. All Proceeds went to The Bennett and Suzy Katz Cancer Resource Center.
Random Wedding Couple of cute pics of kids at some wedding I attended with my GF.
Party at Chapin House (D3) Great party as always, celebrating multiple birthdays I think.
Point Lobos Just some random pics from a while back.
SCH3, Lampshade Run So I 'run' with hashers now, it's one hell of a goofy bunch.
SC Rock Wars yeah so I told people i'd have them up sunday, oops, it's weds.. sorry folks, been working long hours.
SC surfnbowl show think it was the surf n bowl or santacruz bowl, no idea. showed up for other reasons, ended up snapping some shots. no idea who the bands were.
Amazing day, thanks to Crazy Chris for organizing the whole thing. Also thanks to sponsors, FRINGE, Bill's Wheels, Salinas Pawn, some other random local businesses I can't remember.
Salinas Skate park -bands and bikes- thanks to Hate for State and Embrace Forever for playing, great riding amazing stuff.
Salinas Skate park -just boards- wow.. that's all i've got to say, some great foot work, some beautiful air.
Lava Lounge got pics of Hate For State and Counter Clockwise, showed up to late to get Retribution, sorry guys.
Pop's pictures few other pictures my pop took, includes my uncles boat, mom's latest project, and some friends from down south.
Chesterman Brunch II Pictures Don took.
Chesterman Brunch Thank you Eleanor for a wonderful brunch these are the pics Noah took.
Last Plaster Show Great show, great crowd. 3upfront opened for Plaster.
CD release party at Octane My buddy was doing sound setup for these guys so I snapped a few pics. Was fun music, good crowd.
Friday show at Lava Good show, empty bar, even with the AT&T in town, that fire slowed business down a lot.
a day with Boston Spent a great afternoon cruzing down the coast and catching up with an old friend, no spectacular pics, but great times.
show at lava lounge showed up after the first band, caught the second two, lots of pics, some real crap; i had been up since 5 am for work..
show at the London Bridge a band of ninjas played, good times
Random end of 06 pics
Jury Room show F.U.X. Retribution and Hate For State played. Thanks to Crazy Chris and FRINGE for helping put on the show.
old pics I put these up for a friend
stray just some pics of a stray cat by peter b's brew pub in monterey
Reno my buddy David's b-day and hot august nights.. good times.
my house party well, it was more my mom's party for me, but it was fun all the same.
Double Blue Ribbion This is a horrible example of what the drunken mind comes up with, mixing the most expencive shot and the cheapest beer... thuss the double blue ribbon was born
pure randomness this is like the 5 minute review of a whole month, there are 4 orr 5 parties all here.
P-Town White Trash Party happy B-day Brandon Casy and Dan, and thanks to Don for the use of his beautiful house. few more pics
*****SEND ME YOUR PICS, tell people you know about the site, i'll host all the pictures people took.*****
Bear's Vegas EXTRAVAGANZA THE Vegas trip, best people to party with, best times, thanks Bear.
Bear's Mom's pictures of THE Vegas trip
Pictures at C & C Collision Nathan, the chap who owns C & C was throwing a party, so the crew stopped by for the bar, and I got to snap a few pics of beautiful machiunes he's worked on.
St. Paddy's day 06 partied down in SLO. It was great to see old friends.
Merry Christmas to all, and may the new year be better than the last!
Friday the 23rd, Ninja Man, Xmass eve eve great show, saw lots of old friends, the band had fun and played a great set.
Friday the 11th, Inballence show at Ocean Thunder great show, band always impresses me. Wish you guys the best of luck in Reno tonight.
Sat the 29th, Chillin with T$ and some SLO folks hell of a good time, mobbin a party, cheap keg beer... good times, i need to roll down more often.
Friday the 28th, At Spikes, a pirate Halloween party good times, had a blast, saw some of the regulars i used to bullshit with.
pictures of a hairless ape yeah so most people wouldn't care if they had to shave for a job. For me it almost made me say fuckit. But here i am, a hairless ape for the first time in 5 fuckin years. (I hadn't shaved my chin since 99, and that was for some chica.)
random picsmost of a jess's little sisters car, which is for sale
St. Paddy's
party started at Bear's with a KEG of Guinness, then when the pigs showed i rolled up to atrashcadero and took some pics
jan 30th at blacks
so i've been a lazy bitch about updating my page, been workin 40+ hours a week.. i'll try to make it down for the end of this month, but who knows. NEW YEARS 05, at bears of course so i drove my happy ass over 2 hours to see you shmucks. and it was worth it, even though i didn't get to spend a whole lot of time with Skittles, Kat or Irish ... or Bear and B-rad for that matter, it was worth it.
Bear's, another great weekend party yup, nuther good weekend
B-rads and then to Bears after cops showed first party of december, was lots of fun, be posting pics shot by krantz some time soon. got home to a completely locked up house.. i don't have a key, love picking locks at 4 am with a barking dog on the other side of the door.
pics of my little sis's car yeah hippy, she says hi.
B-rads, moved to the johnson house for a keg, than back to b-rads great fun, been to long since i've been in slo for a party, the LA trip, and Vegas trip took me to far outa town.
this is a fucking amazing site, these guys say running shit vodka through a britta filter makes it taste like kettle one, or at lease it doesn't taste like ass anymore so, everyone, start asking your parents for britta pitchers.. or as they suggest, build a filter tube, 3 or so filters in a PVC pipe.
Holloween weekend i'm kinda pissed, went to a party fri, had some bitch say i'd have to pay her if i took pictures of her or she'd sue me, antother says she'll castrate me for takin pics of her.. on Sat i'm at a random rave/party in LA and i bust out the cammera only to be told the first three people to take pictures all got punched... so fuck non-photo people (granted the LA deal, there were naked people and drunk minors doing illegal things so they weren't stupid, just gotta bitch about it though.)
Kate's B-day in Salas great party, good to see so many of my salas friends again, ran into a guy i handn't seen in like 5 years... had a great time
two - like three b-day parties all i gotta say is fuck sobriety, fuck birth-days and fuck sleeping alone. so this is two months sober, it's getin old, but not old enough to crawl back into the bottle
random kegger, first friday of october great times, my 'x wifie' was there, had a great time.
sorry there've been so few pics l8ly, lots of midterms, uggly shit!
Party at bears the 25th it was nice to see folks... had fun, kinda rugh at the end
Pirate Party, B-rad's 'lets drink rum and yell Arrr! idea. it was great fun, more people should have shown, and more people should have worn costumes, but hell i didn't even wear one, so oops.
B-Rad's housewarming party, Keg + DJ = fuckin sweet party it was good, thats all i can say, the dj was some random from Sallas, my home town.
10th B and B parties debue at old harbor... woulda been a much better party if i hadn't gone for more firewood, because then the kegs would have stayed, and my van wouldn't be impounded.
9th at T's it was a long day, but it ended chillin with T, Bear, and B-rad.. good times and a comfy coutch to sleep on
thursty thursday... i was thursty, 3 kegs or more, i don't remember
wish T$ had been here. when i find out who jacked the coutch from in fron of his old house, you're in for hurt. damn minors, and on to jail related topics, the girl in white with a zipper was cute....
so my bathroom floor is so damn sticky, random bastards, beer on my floor too, my roomate is a cool guy though, he hasn't complained at all, even though it's now 3:32 and i'm still blarin my music
tuesday the 11th so my page has been suckin l8ly, this is due to me off working, making money to pay for this site, thanks all who have donated cash to help it (!NONE OF YOU!) anyways, life goes on, hope eveyone likes the pics hopefully i will be back to stay soon, and keep a lookout for a place for me to move into, otherwise i will be stuck in mustang again
weds and thurs since my power has been off some of these pics are older, by a few days.
saterday night the 17th i went to the Ren fair with friends, then went a party hunting, got close to arrested, got close to a fight, and pierced an ear.. fuck yea
thurs the 15th, started at bears moved to mustang bear crashed kinda early, so we rolled to mustang, i did up some bomb steak and everyone pigged out.
tuesday the 13th, at bearswhile eveyone was there the party was pretty bla.. i was feelin like shit from bad mexian food earlier in the night.. ended up being a lot of fun, glad Becky made it over eventualy.
friday the 9th, over at bensso apparently there were two fridays, whatever.. so i ended up drinkin a bit of hard A.. damn i hate not remembering.
friday the 8th, lost in M2 B-rad's friends came down, got popped with a speeding ticket.. helped us raise some hell... good times
Focus on the Beach my friend and i went down to a focus meet. it was cool, kinda odd, but i had a good time, here are the pics he took.
4th of July 04, on the beach twas fun... at least i had fun, and hope everyone else did too.
Bear's place, the 3rdgreat party, Natalie stole my cammera for a little while and took some great pics. -so, i can say this now, as i sit here alone at 3 am posting these pics- damn cute 15 year olds... why!... why!... ok, i'm done now.
FYI -I can print 6X4's for a buck of any pic on my page.
Bear's unoffical housewarming party i call it unoffical because there were only 50 people or so.. for the offical the whole block has to be packed.. maybe make it an afternoon, and do a fat BBQ.
friday the 25th i'm to hung over to name it something cute, so phuck off
random end of the begining of the month shit (i don't know, they were recent)
friday 28th, just chillin at dylan and ben's john showed up and then dissapeared... it was odd, hope he didn't walk back, i've done that, it's a long walk.
keg at ben's, plus other pics at beginning from chillin at spikes, a great bar.. my fav in the SLO area
pre, DPS, and post parties somehow this came out to about 4 parties, lots of keg goodness, hope DSP didn't get to many fines, it was a rockin party.
Housewarming ben, blyth, dylan, and matt had a great party, not sure if ben's laptop is still missing, but i'll pay 300 in cash to the person who tells me where it is..
cinco de mayo chillin with folks over in murray station
short vid of a friend of a friends car i edited it, looks funky, oh well.
Party at Nat's and then over to Blyth's new place
random end of the month stuff just what it says
Dual B-day party in P-Town just chillin with p-town folks, the two guys are neibors, so i was able to crawl home.
Dan's b-day party, Oldschool P-town in the house! Dan and i go way back, it was cool that i happened to be home the weekend of his birthday, think i'll print up the last photo in here for him... wish his sweetheart had been lookin this way for the pic though.
Random stuff from T's place
Bear's Birthday so i'm lazy and it took 3 days to get pics up, big deal. happy b-day bear, sorry you got dicked with a fine, no justice in this world.
Thurs april 1st so i went cruzing in one of the cars i fucked up.. that was kinda cool. wanted to go buy a chap a b-day beer, but i still don't have an id.. so no dice. fuckin lame ass shit.
random shit including the computer mod i did because i was bored over spring break so i was bored, i took the liquid cooling system and repiped it so that it went directly to block from the pump/resivor, instead of pump-radiator-block-resivor... instead of the passive radiator i had now i have an active mini fridge cooling it. the resivor is currently at 30 C and holding pretty steady, in ambient temp is was usualy 36-38 C. so a few degrees cooler. i might add back in the radiator for further temp drop.. not sure yet.
St. Patties day, first field keg so it's been a while since i posted pics. school plus legal shit have been taking thier toll. i spent the St. P's day sober, that was rough, but i survived. hope everyone had a great St. P's day. --so i woke up the morning after, missing a hangover... didn't drink anything, but woke up and wished i felt shitty... reality is a crutch for those who can't handle their liquer.
late night dip in the pool sorry it took so long to get em up john ---also the night of my wreck. so here is the story, a bit summerized, i screwed up, totoaled my car, screwed up two others, I am sorry, and will eventualy appoligize to both of you in person, and am going to court to face a dui and hit and run. not worth it, if people need a sober driver, i have a liscence for about two more weeks, and will be dry untill at least after my trial.
Randomness i don't remember 90% of these pics, but thats the whole reson i started takin pics, to remember. hope all had a good marti gras, here's vid from sat night sorry it's so dark, going to try and process it over weekend to improove quality.
Marti Gras Sat night (just pics) Vid clips from the riot will be up later today, i need to take out the crap and have a few good shots.
------------I know tons of people were taking digital photos, and video. please send me good stuff i'll post it and put a shout-out to you and your friends. also, others with web sites they are posting pics to, send me an email and i'll put links to them on here. Admin@hattz.com
Marti Gras Friday no tit pics for legal reasons, sorry
Happy B-day Natalie it was a great party, !no cops!, hope everyone had a good time. more perople need to show for the 2am taco bell after-party!
Blythe's B-day happy birthday man, enjoy the crown in 21year old splender!
Noy's first party sorta mad dramma. not to appease someone else or fit social justice, i owe someone blood, you know who you are.
random short shit just to round out and end up january, it's been fun, lets get bigger and better! REDLINE IT!
last fri 30 fri b4 supperbowl. ate stake, tryed Fernet-branca, crazed herbal liquer made in milano (italy) and is the favorite drink in Argentina. saw some dumbasses fighten in the parking lot of m1, went to a house party, left the house party (all the fucked up picks were at the house, cammera was on the wrong setting) ended up just chillin at a friends house. They made Dougnuts! mad grub for drunkenness.
busted thurs 29th Happy Birthday Dylan; so the night started out realy prommissing, tons of booz... and ended up that nuthin happened. so randoms showed up talking about a 3 kegger... haha, wish i knew where in M2 that was supposed to go down.
stumbling saterday mad drunken folks, stumbling from party to party. i was at a house party for most of the night, were these pics were taken. i was drunk some aren't that good oh well.
for friday night the party was at appartment 66 before and after that ?? ... my night ended early though, i fucked my ancle up crawling up a light pole. neway, here are the picks from Funky Friday - so i'm not proppin buba sparxxx new album, but some of the lyrics from it ring true, 'she tried to tell me, i needed to be shown, .. and now my baby's gone.' just a-nuther day in paradise!
thirsty thur AGAIN just chillin on thursday
random pics some crass some art some of these are older, some are recent, like this pic of T$ WANTS YOU!
I Need Another Beer so i was drunk, couldn't reach my mini-fridge and typed those exact words into google, this is what i found. YAY drunkenness! i will make this song the theme of all the parties i go to... if i can only remember the lyrics.
one drink to many -sunday party drama WHY? why must there be drunken drama. i blame it all on the girls. can't live with them, can't live without them. hope everyone has a good last monday of freedom.
Keg Drama Friday so it's 7:05 am, i haven't sept yet. when i tried to upload these pics to my computer, major drama... i lost a few, oh fuckin well. there was total keg drama tonight, but i must say props to the keg movers, they outsmarted the sheriff and all those associated with them. much love to all, hopefully there will be a lot more parties/pics like this in the next few days/weeks!
random thursday kegger so i was riding to albertons in the back of a pickup.. and i ended up wandering off in another car to some party. i didn't take a huge number of pictures because i didn't know the owners of the house.
Wild Wedsday just chillin in M2 wish some other people had showed, and that some who were there hadn't -nuther day in paradise!
Bear Valley Thanks to Jenn and her parents for letting all of us crash at the cabin, Jess for inviting me, and all the folks for havin a good time... Hell of a party.
............................................damn, that was 03 folks... ancient history now
New Years in Truckee Thanks Brian for letting everyone crash up there, and for not puking in my car!
HOT friday apparently the party was prety much here at my place, made some drinks, had some laughs, people should pitch on the booz they drank... oh well, merry christmas folks.
Misc pics of december; car crash, and the party on 17th
Finals friday chillin in mustang chased off by security ... some fights ... some dancin ... just another day in paradise
Weds nite special just chillin at mustang finals are DONE
New house -house party nice place "PBR friday"
Random shots just chillin with people it's been slow
Solar Panels my pop and I installed the panels for a solar power system over the turkey day break
Tues pint night the 25th of Nov
Mild monday the 24th of Nov
BBQ thurs the 20th of Nov
Trashed Tuesday the 18th of Nov
Short and Sweet - Few girls Boozin on a Monday night 17th of Nov
Regulators... Mount up - 2 kegs plus the 15th of Nov <-- these guys threw a great party, and all they got was a $100 Fine. Help em out, if you were there pitch a buck their way, or five.
burning man ...er appartment the 13th of Nov
Wed night keg and sheep herding the 12th of Nov
Two kegs 'No Fat Chicks' the 11th of Nov
Slo Thursday the 7th of Nov
Misc. old school shit
Sloppy Drunk Saturday the 1st of Nov
Holloween the 31st of Oct
Thirsty Thursday the 30th of Oct
Pre Holloween Party the 29th
Jungle Juice Friday the 24th of Oct
Thirsty Thursday the 23rd of Oct

In the beggining there was a cammera and a drunken fool, then came the drunken friends and the requests for pictures, and a way to see them. This is what was born, god have mercy on us all.

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